Waterloo Facility Photo
Cohocton Facitlity Photo
Reactor Cohocton Plant
Rail Car 2 Waterloo
Cohocton Over Head Storage LP Sign

About Liquid Products

Liquid Products, LLC is a manufacturing & distribution company that serves the agriculture/ industry with it’s nutrient solutions, and industrial inputs.

Being a privately held organization allows us to prioritize who matters most: our customers. This also gives us the optionality to create the most value for our consumers, rather than the value to its shareholders.


These values act as our guiding principles, which are critical to serving in our customers best interests, and we are committed to that process.

  • Service – We are dedicated to providing responsible, reliable & timely services to all customers. We pledge to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.
  • Transparency – We believe transparency is the key to building trust. This is why we are committed to being completely open & transparent, as we believe this helps our consumers in making better decisions.
  • Reliability & Consistency – Our customers know they’ll receive the exact materials they need when they absolutely need it.
  • Accountability – Accountability means more than just doing our job; we are constantly focusing on finding solutions & achieving better results. This is essential to keeping all of our promises & commitments made to others.


With three company located facilities in Upstate New York, we have the flexibility to distribute to dealers & retailers through a network of terminals via rail & truck.

  • Waterloo, NY – Liquid storage capacity & blending facility
  • Cohocton, NY – Blending facility & reactor
  • Auburn, NY – Dry raw material storage capacity