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Agriculture Organic Fertilizers

Dry Raw OMRI Fertilizers

Liquid Products has access to accommodate all of your growers plant nutrition in organic farming. We have the capabilities to provide standalone dry raw OMRI fertilizer, custom dry organic blends or liquid organic solutions.

Name Product Grade Label OMRI Certification
Allganic™ Nitrogen Plus Sodium Nitrate & Potassium Sulfate 15-0-2-1S PDF PDF
OrganoPhos Phosphate Rock 0-12-0 PDF PDF
Ida Gro Phosphate Rock 0-3-0 PDF PDF
Allganic™ MaKro 60 Potassim Chloride 0-0-60 PDF PDF
Protassium+™ Potassium Sulfate-nonsynthetic 0-0-50-17S PDF PDF
Intrepid (Trio ®) Potassium Magnesium Sulfate 0-0-22-22S-11Mg PDF PDF
Polysulphate™ Polysulphate-Granular from Natural Polyhalite 0-0-14-19S-12Ca-3.6Mg PDF PDF

General NPK Dry Organic Blends

Liquid Products has the ability to provide your growers with dry custom organic blends. If you have a blend of two or more materials, we have a local facility that can blend and bag to your specific customer’s needs. Custom blends are available in 50 pounds bags and bulk bags.

*Please contact us if you are interested in your custom blends.

*Minimum orders may apply.

Liquid Organic Blends

If you have an organic grower who still wants the advantages of a fluid fertilizer, Liquid Products has the ability to provide fully soluble liquid nutrient solutions. There are multiple advantages to using fluid fertilizers including but not limited to: variety of fertilizer placements, complete homogeneous blends, handling conveniences and many other benefits that give fluids a distinct appeal.

Name Product Grade Label
Quick Start Organic Liquid Blend Liquid Sodium Nitrate & Sulfate of Potash 3-0-6-2S PDF
Quick Start Organic Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Sodium Nitrate 6-0-0.8-0.4S PDF
Quick Start Organic Liquid Potassium Liquid Sulfate of Potash 0-0-4-1.4S PDF
WISErg™ OMRI Derived from digested food materials and food byproducts 3-2-2 PDF
Synergy™ OMRI Derived from digested food materials and food byproducts 1-1-1 PDF
Brio- Beyond Seaweed OMRI Derived from digested food byproducts & Seaweed Extract 1-1-1 PDF