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Industrial Liquid Nutrient Solutions

Name Product Grade Label
Urea Solution 50% Urea Liquid 23-0-0 PDF
Urea Solution 40% Urea Liquid 18-0-0 PDF
UAN 32 Urea Ammonium Nitrate 32-0-0 PDF
UAN 30 Urea Ammonium Nitrate 30-0-0 PDF
Poly 11 Ammonium Polyphosphate (APP) 11-37-0 PDF
Poly 10 Ammonium Polyphosphate (APP) 10-34-0 PDF
ATS 12 Ammonium Thiosulfate 12-0-0-26S PDF
CN-9 Calcium Nitrate Solution 9-0-0-11Ca PDF

*Please contact us if you have a custom blend, you’d be interested in us manufacturing to your specific needs.