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Private Labeling

Our two blending facilities allow us to offer discreet, fully confidential blind labeling for your organization’s product lines. Whether you’re a co-op or retailer, our anonymity is designed to allow our customers to take direct advantage of time & cost savings.


Blind Labeling

Many of our customers come to us with their company’s product but want to take advantage of the time & cost savings that we supply. Liquid Products can manufacture your product and ship direct to your customers on your paperwork, securing your confidentiality.

Product Development

Whether you are interested in creating a new product, or you have an existing formula you’d like to improve, we will collaborate directly with you to create the exact proprietary solution for your organization.

What Makes Contract Manufacturing with Liquid Products Distinct?

  • Order Fulfillment – Does it take several days, or even weeks to receive your proprietary product? We understand one of the major reasons why our customers do business with us is our efficiency: We can provide you what you want and when you want it, all without sacrificing quality. We strive to ship your orders to you within 2-3 business days, yet we often are able to provide your orders next day.
  • Supply Chain Efficiency – Our company structure puts us in a unique position to fulfill your customer’s needs. Part of Liquid Products ownership is Carolina Eastern, Inc, which operates more than 40 plants throughout the Southeast. However, Liquid Products is still completely independently ran. This structure allows us to take advantage of purchasing like a larger company, while still having the flexibility & optionality of a smaller company.
  • Quality – Liquid Products is committed to keeping one or our value promises for providing quality materials. We will continue to focus on ensuring all our products meet the highest quality specification standards available. The development, manufacture, storage, labelling and transportation of our materials is built around the assurance that our customers will receive the quality product they expect to receive.
  • Consistency – Whether our products are shipped in our label or your label, we recognize the importance of consistent results. We keep retainers of each product that leaves our facility, and randomly test our products with independent laboratories to hold us accountable. In today’s competitive market, we still believe the most important thing is simply that our products do what they say they do.
  • Transportation – We invest heavily in our relationships with our broad network of carriers so we can provide fast & reliable shipping to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions