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Turf & Ornamental Water Solubles

Liquid Products also has access to a wide range of water-soluble fertilizers. These products are available in bags directly from our supplier’s warehouses. With multiple terminals located across the Northeast we have a wide range of capabilities, including but not limited to:

Name Product Grade Label
Sulf-N® Ammonium Sulfate Spray Grade 21-0-0-24S PDF
Ultrasol® K Plus Potassium Nitrate- Ultrasol® K Plus 13.7-0-46 PDF
Ultrasol® SOP 52 SOP- Ultrasol® SOP 52 0-0-52-18S PDF
Ultrasol® MAP Ultrasol® MAP 12-61-0 PDF
Ultrasol® MKP MKP- Ultrasol® MKP 0-52-34 PDF

*Please contact us for a full list of available water soluble NPK blends.